At CFSG we take pride in our ability to be successful operators of diversified business opportunities.  Our expertise is in purchasing and operating successful, established ongoing businesses. These businesses have a track record of profit and stability and all they need is professional management, and that is where CFSG comes in.

Our goal is to expand and make these ongoing businesses operate more efficiently and increase profitability.  We take the risk of operating and expanding the market value and profitability of these businesses.

In a world of large corporate businesses with a broad array of services, there was room for a specialized firm with the highest levels of professionalism and integrity, and senior-level attention to clients and relationships. Castleberry always invests with you. We take the risks along side of you, because we all have much to win, and this gives us even more reason to work hard to find the best investments. We consistently strive to achieve superior performance through innovation, uniqueness and excellence.