The Wellington Trace Tavern food can be described as home-made. We are using fresh products to cook our meals, which are made directly at the restaurant. We specialize in traditional food.

Wellington has its very own cutting edge, finger on the pulse of the culinary scene establishment. That’s right! Wellington Trace Tavern with their new owners and new Chef have created everything other than a ho-hum I can get this anywhere type of menu. To quote the Chef, “I don’t do Vanilla…well other than the ice cream anyway.” Sure, they have burgers and onion rings and some everyday comfort foods with an interesting twist. However, it is the Chef driven creative offerings on the menu that really garner the accolades and weekly return customer visits.

There truly is a special feeling within Wellington Trace Tavern. Locals call it home; first timers feel welcome and tourists feel like they have found a gem. Unique food, true service and absolutely no heaping helping of corporate taste to be found anywhere. A most coveted and rare accomplishment.

Duck! Yes, Duck, has found its way onto the dinner plate at Wellington Trace Tavern. A scratch made sauce accompanies the duck and blends into perfect harmony. To name a few more specialties, Mint tea reduction marinated lamb chops, scallops gratinee, and NY Strip Steak flashed with a signature bourbon glaze.

Do you like eclectic menus? Great Wellington Trace Tavern has it. Do you like perfectly blended menus that flow from “that sounds good” to “It all sounds good”? Great Wellington Trace Tavern has it. Supposed you like Pot Roast as a comfort food option just to reminisce. Wellington Trace Tavern has pot roast like mom used to make. The menu has it all.

The new interior is nothing short of magnificent. Great pride was taken to get it just right. Part tavern, part warm wood dining room and part comfort at its best, the exquisite surroundings wrap you in comfort yet class all in one. The appeal is for everyone. Treat yourself, family or friends to a memory soon.